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Why the Tacit Ferrule

The Tacit ferrule is designed and shaped to not rotate, thus forcing any foreign debris, such as top dressing and sand, away from the center bore and through the window veins in the bottom of the cup. This eliminates the abrasive wear between the center bore and the ferrule.

The Tacit ferrule is designed with vertical side grooves prohibiting foreign particles from passing to the center bore which in turn keeps the flagstick from jamming in the cup. This is extremely important because a jammed flagstick will cause the cup to be inadvertently extracted from its bed.

Why the Tacit Cup

The Tacit cup is machined to precision tolerances from the highest grade LM6 aluminum. This allows for ease of setting the flagstick into the cup.

The Tacit cup is designed to force the flagstick into proper position, thus eliminating the flagstick from sitting off center and outside the center bore.

The Tacit cup is designed to shed all foreign particles through the window veins in the bottom of the cup and away from the center bore.

Replacement PVC ultra fine plastic wraps can be easily replaced and reinserted to assure that the cup lining remains bright and clean. Both sides of the wrap can be utilized before replacement. This gives twice the life while eliminating the need of painting the interior of the cup.

The PVC wraps can be logoed and utilized for corporate branding while providing another profit center for club operations. This is an easy way to boost revenue or simply pay for the Tacit program.

Why a Sub-Cap

The Tacit sub-cap seals the center bore from below, thus allowing the ferrule anti-rotation design to perform correctly and effectively.

The Tacit sub-cap works as a foundation for the cup and it keeps the cup from sinking into the sub-surface of the green.

The sub-cap facilitates the proper bedding of the cup into the green.

Why the Tacit Flagstick

The Tacit flagstick is made from extremely high quality fiberglass resulting in a more rigid, stronger shaft that reacts better in windy conditions. The Tacit flagstick is substantial and conveys the essence of quality to the touch of those who experience it.

Each Tacit flagstick is covered with an impact resistant PVC color sheathing designed to eliminate the scratching and chipping so common to most other systems. This sheathing provides for longer lasting, vibrant colors.

The sheathing also eliminates the hazard of fiberglass splintering, perhaps a legal issue.

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